Image by Pierre Bamin


Sculpted by the journey,
I've returned to my roots.

For most of my life, I have stood outside the world of art and window shopped for my place within it. I doodled portraits here and there, but never felt connected to the magnetics of art. Then I went to college and somehow managed to find inspiration despite my struggle within the structure of my teacher's expectations. From that inspiration, I discovered the freedom of abstract expressionism. For the first time in my life, the overthinking perfectionist found a place of peace in the organized chaos of my impulsive strokes and dove head long into experimenting with spray paint. Unfortunately, my insecurities as an artist, the rejection of my teachers and a lack of sales caused me to take a detour into conceptual abstract art. For two years I spent trying to carve out an acceptance and I only succeeded in driving myself insane. Fortunately, the detour helped me weed through the noise of rejection and hone in on the elements I was most drawn to, creating in my art a new foundation. Now, after a two year detour, I'm returning to my abstract expressionist roots with a new found sense of the self within my art.

Acrylic Collection

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