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Introducing I am Philosophy


Each category is a different avenue of communication between God and I, as I journey and investigate God's true nature and, subsequently, my own.

Behind the Canvas: is not only a series of photos and videos of my artistic process, but the wisdom God revealed to me through each phase of the process, both on and off the canvas.

He said...She said...: is the pure conversational comedy between God and I about day to day life.

Message in the Movies: is the wisdom God gives me through movies, tv shows and books

So Sayeth the Lord is a series of prophetic words from God.

The So What?? Series:

For so long, I kept myself anchored to a self-sacrificing prison, often disregarding my own wants and needs to prioritize everyone else. Then God started pointing out how it made me feel to sacrifice what I wanted for someone else's desires and my response was always "So What??"


In this series, his wisdom untangles the depths of my psychology as he uproots the burdens of people's false accusations and false expectations, along with my own, and plants new seeds of self-actualization.

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