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January 16, 2018


"We are all created in God's image, but our prints are different."

- Pastor Jermaine Johnson



Deeeeppppp! lol I saw this and had to do a double take. I have always struggled with being myself. Not because I didn't love who I am (psha please royalty dawling royalty lol) but because I refused to conform to society's norms and was ridiculed for it. I didn't stop getting bullied until I was a sophomore in high school. Now as I stroll deeper into my spiritual walk into new territory, like learning praise and worship can be done through art not just singing, I find myself once again struggling with my identity. I'm trying to learn HOW to be me against the religious teachings I grew up with. God is de-programmnig and reprograming me to a new, higher standard, that I'm starting to see doesn't get taught as often as it should. But I'm also learning, only God can teach you how to be you. I appreciate the fact that God keeps sending people and signs to remind me to just be me. 

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