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The King of Finesse

January 8, 2018


Everybody is always argueing about who is the real MVP. Is it MJ? Is it Lebron? Is it Stephen Curry or is it Lonzo Ball (ha! yeah okay)? Let me just go ahead and settle that argument once and for all:  The real MVP is God because dude is the king of finesse! I have noticed that I have a really bad habit of giving out premature no's. I have a tendency to have a negative presumption about whatever it is that is being suggested to me, so I struggle with trying new things and getting out of my box. However! I must say I absolutely LOVE!! the fact that God just cuts his eyes at me, chuckles to himself, says "yeah okay. we'll see about that" and then slick blind sides me into whatever I said no to. Because I'm starting see a pattern where I say no, I don't want to do that, but God needs it to happen, so he makes it happen anyway and then I the audacity to love! what I said no to. 


Yal think I actually wanted to be an artist at first? Psha please! Before I went to college, I hated every attempt at art because I never thought I was good enough. You could not have paid me to be an art major. Tell me why this dude slipped me into college as an art major without me realizing it. I thought I was a photography major (I hadn't realized photography was classified as an art). My counselor actually called me and read me my class schedule and it still! didn't register. It wasn't until I was physically sitting in the class being handed my first assignment that I realized I was art major. Talk about deer in the headlights. Especially, when my first assignment of painting every shade of every color in 2 inch squares took me 8 hours. There was not enough salt in the world! 5 years later I am a full fledge artist and I absolutely love it!! My abstract art gives me so much freedom from control and trying to figure it all out. This is one of a few areas in my life where I can just let God take control and not panic about the end result or even how I'm going to get there. I honestly can't imagine not doing it. To think I almost missed out on all this freedom because I said no before I even tried it is mind blowing. And thats not all I would've missed out on. Lets look at the list shall we:


-"I hate poetry...just get to the point already" - I am now a spoken word artist named Philosophy.


-"I suck at art. I can't draw anything to save my life. Plus teachers play favorites too much" - Took a drawing class and found out my need to be anal and a perfectionist makes me pretty good at drawing (go figure lol)


-"I don't paint. It's too stiff" - I am an abstract spray painter


-"Conceptual art?? No, I love abstract because then I don't have to control it. Acrylic is for the birds." I am now an acyrilic using conceptual artist who paints the concepts God pops into my head. 


-"I am not a videographer nor do I have any desire to be. I am a photographer point blank period but I would be happy to refer you to **insert videographer here** - I now intern as a videographer for Chef Rodney Griffen and can't get enough of learning new techniques! 


That is just some of what I can share! He's had me rethinking several no's I prematurely stamped on my life by simply finessing me into it without me realizing thats where I was headed and/or revealing things about myself I didn't even know. Its a good thing God knows us better than we know ourselves because i would be a whole somebody else right now if it wasn't for that! So I say all this to say be careful about giving a premature no. You never no what you're missing out on!



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