About the Piece:

Perspective is everything! You see a maze. God sees a journey that He has the road map too. You see a road block. He sees a course correction. You see a dead end. He sees a door he slammed shut to stop you from further pain. You see a lost job. God sees an open door for entrepreneurship. You see an ex that broke your heart. God sees the vessel He used to help your standards and increase your wisdom. Yes, the enemy is the one causing all the issues, but he can't do what God does not allow. How much faster and more efficient could we get through the lessons God orchestrates if we took the time to see the lesson in the trial instead of remaining bent and bitter about it. Perspective is what saves your sanity and lately, mine has been a little rigid.


There is a duality between mazes and puzzle pieces. Mazes represent confusion. So often you run into one dead end after another. You do not know if you've been here before or if this is a new wall. It's easy to feel lost when you're trapped inside of a maze. Puzzles, on the other hand, give you a sense of direction. You know where you're going by the picture on the box. The colors, size and shape of the puzzle pieces help you know where to put it. It's much easier to see your progress when working on a puzzle than when you're in a maze. 

Here I am feeling trapped. I had several ideas on how to become a successful creative and every plan kept getting blocked. I'd try something a new plan, a new tactic only to have that blocked as well. Sometimes I was going the wrong way, and was getting frustrated trying to figure out what to do next. Other times, God was intentionally blocking me as represented by the silver puzzle piece blocking the entrances to the road red ring symbol. 

Part of the blockade to my success, was that God had not yet revealed his plans to me, represented by the flat color of the puzzle pieces. While He did have a set path way for me, I was clueless as to what that might be which further added to my frustration. So here I am in this piece, frustrated because I don't know where to go or what to do in regards to my creative career and I'm mad at God because I felt as though He wasn't helping me figure it out.​


Print Finish:

Premium lustre finish with a semi gloss & vibrant colors.

Minor cropping may occur.


Original Availibility:



Original Finish:

24x24 on stretched Canvasl



All prints are print to order. Generally ships within 5-10 buiness days. 


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