About the Piece:

Misclockulated is the 3rd installment of my Perspective Series. This piece represents my perspective vs God's perspective on time. If there is one thing I often struggle with, its knowing when is the right time to move and when is the right time to sit still. More often than not I want to move when God really wants me to be patient and let Him finish preparing me for my journey or setting things up along the way. Here we have the duality between my clock and God's clock. My internal clock is set to 5:10. 5 is the number of Gods grace and favor. 10 is the number of completeness of order. So, it would appear that it is the perfect time for me to move and take on the world. This is usually where I look at God thinking, there is no better time to move. Everything seems like its coming together. The only issue is, on God's clock, my hands are pointed to 6:11. 6 is the number for man's weakness and 11 is the number for disorder and chaos. On the contrary, God's hands are pointed at 7:12. 7 is the number for the foundation of God's word, completeness and perfection. 12 is the number for power, authority and completeness. However, on my clock His hands are pointed to 6:11. So many times God has told me to move on things I didn't think it was time for, or didn't think I had enough expierence to do well. I've stalled because I felt inadequate or could not for the life of me understand how His plans were going to work out. Though no one is perfect, it is my constant goal to try and hit the target of God's timing, which is represented by the red and white color palette of the piece. This journey is a constant navigation of God's timing which is why it's important to keep your ear close to God to know when to move and when to sit still. 


Print Finish:

Premium lustre finish with a semi gloss & vibrant colors.

Minor cropping may occur.


Original Availibility:

Will become available once the series is complete.


Original Finish:

36x36 on stretched Canvasl



All prints are print to order. Generally ships within 5-10 buiness days. 




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