About the Piece:

2017 was hands down the hardest year of my life because I was in a war for my sanity. In the midst of me beginning to walk into my purpose, God put me through one test after another and I felt like I was drowning. The enemy came after my mind with everything he had and I was pissed off at God because it felt like He had left me hanging.  I expected immediate relief after I prayed and fell to my knees but still, I continued to be tormented.  For 12 months straight I was as low as I could possibly get, and yet, despite it all, I refused to bail out on God. I won't lie and say I didn't give God several pieces of my mind, because I did. But at the heart of the torment, was the tests, and at the heart of the tests was purpose. This piece is my reflection of 2017 because I knew that inside all the chaos and the confusion, all the pain, and even how long I had to endure before God finally! reaffirmed me and gave me all my hope back and then some, inside it all was God strengthening me and molding me for my purpose.


Print Finish:

Premium lustre finish with a semi gloss & vibrant colors.

Minor cropping may occur.


Original Availibility:



Original Finish:

11x14 on a Wood Panel



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Internal Storm


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