• Sanese Pippen

Did he really just?...okay...

Updated: Sep 5

A warning to the wise and the trusting! Be vigilant about the people in your life because what many people don't realize is that both God and the enemy can be using the same person.

A few days ago, this guy sent me a link to an article that turned out to be confirmation for something God was talking to me about. A little later that day, he took his "advice" a step further and proceeded to advise me in a direction that, I realized, was the polar opposite direction of where God had just told me to go. I tried to tell him I wasn't interested in his advice because it wasn't what God wanted for me, but he was persistent. He sent message after message as if I were being stubborn. Yal...once he realized I was not going to follow him away from God's instructions, he tried to reinforce his advice by stating he was Catholic....As if that alone gave his words more merit. Then when I still wouldn't yield, he proceeded to school me on his age and his history. He was almost twice my age. So, I could almost hear the "I'm not one of your little school friends" in his written tone....Yal I was done after he name dropped his religion, but sir your whole list of credentials, including name, birthdate and social security number? Check Please!! Check. Puh-lease! lol

So, to bottom line the story, be vigilant. Don't take everything people say to the bank just because they've been right a few times.


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