• Sanese Pippen

If God's "don't do it" was a person!

Updated: Sep 9

Shannon Sharpe looking at Skip like....

Don't tell me God doesn't have a sense of humor tailor made to the extra-ness of His children. This child (me) in particular!!

Last night I was trying to decide whether or not I was going to do something. Right now, God is teaching me how not to be a robot, looking for Him to give me yes or no commands all the time. So instead of giving me a command, He had me talk through the situation while He gave me wisdom.

Yal, I'm nearing the end of realizing that I shouldn't do it and this dude gone come in with a co-sign that had me on the floor!! In the middle of me coming to a conclusion, I made a gesture with my head that made me think of Skip Bayless from the Skip & Shannon Undisputed show that I watch on instagram. At first, I got distracted and started cracking jokes on Skip because he does a lot a movement with his head while he's talking. And then I realized.. wait a minute.. You're saying "Skip!" as in yes smurff Skip!! this parasitic move you want to make. The way I was rolling around like Sir!! Why are you so dramatic?? Oh wait. Because I'm dramatic.

Don't tell me God doesn't care about the little things in your life. Buddy will use ANYTHING to speak to you. The bible is cute too but God uses the every day normal things in YOUR life to communicate with you!



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