• Sanese Pippen

Warning against idolizing the Bible

Updated: Sep 4

There are some of you who are not worshipping God. You are worshipping the bible. You have replaced God and made the bible your idol, spending more time argueing its merits than seeking wisdom from the one who authored it. So here is a warning to those who misuse the bible, back handing people who are in search of the truth: God sees you. You know who you are. You who have robbed His sons and daughters of an opportunity to find freedom. You who have misjudged His sons and daughters and then misquoted His word to justify your narcissism. God is not happy. He's tired of the lies and He's coming to collect on the debt you owe. Apologize to those you have misused and abused because if God has to come for you himself, it will not be pretty.

So sayeth the Lord.


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