• Sanese Pippen

Is that sarcasm God??

Updated: Sep 14

Am I the only one who hears God in a sarcastic voice? Today I decided to record my first video of myself painting something I wanted to demonstrate. The problem was, I was struggling to figure out what to record with. I didn't have a tripod for my phone and my baby camera didn't have enough juice to record. The way I was about to duck tape my camera phone to my baby camera and make thee! most ghetto camera set up ever!? Yal it was about to get real lol Unfortunately, my bootleg set up didn't work. So, I opted to charge the battery of my baby camera and work on other parts of the painting while it charged. Yal, I get to the section I wanted to record myself doing (which is like an hour or two later) and it occurs to me to use my professional camera. I looked at God and said, "Fam! Why didn't you tell me that earlier?"

God (in a sarcastic tone): *with the side eye* "....it wasn't relevant until now ..." The way I busted out laughing! The level of sarcasm I heard is unreal! I could just see him serving me the side eye and everything. This why I love him!! Most of our conversations are comedy! central!

But seriously though. This is a good lesson about God's perfect timing. He didn't tell me about the camera until after I completed more of the painting. He wanted it to look a certain way for the shot. If he wouldve told me earlier, i wouldve recorded it then and the shot might not have looked as full. Trust his timing!


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