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Because of several bad past experiences, I ne-ver!! wanted to be an artist. So when I went to college, sat down in my first class and realized that it was an art class...ugh..deer in the headlights is an understatement yal. All I wanted to do was learn how to take family photos. Nothing more. Nothing less. Clearly, God had other plans. I started off kicking and screaming, but after 6 years, calling me to be an artist has come to be one of the greatest gifts God has ever given me. My journey as a Creative continues to be the greatest classroom God could ever sit me in simply because He is raw, unfiltered and non-preachy about all he has to show me. So! I thought I'd share the wealth. Welcome to my creative journey!

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January 9, 2018

Alabama! Now I will never pretend to be an Alabama fan (Steelers all day!). I don't even watch college football all that much (because I'm too busy watching the Steelers march towards that 7th ring lol) however!! This game was a sight to see! God was in full force!! On...

January 4, 2018

God hit me with a major! reality check. My entire life I blamed my biological dad for ​all of my psychological issues. The more I began to understand just how truly damaged I was, the more I blamed him. I mean surely his using my life as a revolving door (or so I use t...

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