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Because of several bad past experiences, I ne-ver!! wanted to be an artist. So when I went to college, sat down in my first class and realized that it was an art class...ugh..deer in the headlights is an understatement yal. All I wanted to do was learn how to take family photos. Nothing more. Nothing less. Clearly, God had other plans. I started off kicking and screaming, but after 6 years, calling me to be an artist has come to be one of the greatest gifts God has ever given me. My journey as a Creative continues to be the greatest classroom God could ever sit me in simply because He is raw, unfiltered and non-preachy about all he has to show me. So! I thought I'd share the wealth. Welcome to my creative journey!

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January 19, 2018

Here are a few pictures from the popup art show I was in this week!

January 19, 2018

"...its about how hard you can get hit" 

January 16, 2018

"We are all created in God's image, but our prints are different."

- Pastor Jermaine Johnson


Deeeeppppp! lol I saw this and had to do a double take. I have always struggled with being myself. Not because I didn't love who I am (psha please royalty dawling royalty...

January 15, 2018

My why has changed quite a few times in the last 5 years. When I first started out as an artist, my "why" was a good grade. I really had no interest in becoming an artist, but because I was a photography major, I couldn't get around it. Then a couple years in, my "why"...

January 10, 2018

January 9, 2018

Alabama! Now I will never pretend to be an Alabama fan (Steelers all day!). I don't even watch college football all that much (because I'm too busy watching the Steelers march towards that 7th ring lol) however!! This game was a sight to see! God was in full force!! On...

January 8, 2018

Everybody is always argueing about who is the real MVP. Is it MJ? Is it Lebron? Is it Stephen Curry or is it Lonzo Ball (ha! yeah okay)? Let me just go ahead and settle that argument once and for all:  The real MVP is God because dude is the king of finesse! I have no...

January 4, 2018

God hit me with a major! reality check. My entire life I blamed my biological dad for ​all of my psychological issues. The more I began to understand just how truly damaged I was, the more I blamed him. I mean surely his using my life as a revolving door (or so I use t...

January 4, 2018

"The same thing the enemy tried to use to BREAK you, is the same thing God will use to BUILD you into your purpose."


                                                                    -Sanese Pippen, The Creative Vessel...

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