May 4th, 2019

Misclockulated represents my perspective vs God's perspective on time. I've come to realize that God and I are rarely on the same page when it comes to the timing of a plan. When I want to move on a plan, He wants me to sit still and wait for Him to finish making the necessary preparations I can't see yet. When I want to sit still and wait for a better time to do something, He's adamant that it's the perfect time to move on the plan. This painting illustrates the duality between His timing and mine.


The inner clock represents my timing and the outer clock represents God's timing. The inner clock is set to 5:10. 5 is the number of Gods grace and favor. 10 is the number of completeness of order. So, from my perspective, the stars are aligning. This job looks like the perfect opportunity. Or that person seems like the perfect person to go into business with. However, God has a different perspective on whether or not the timing is perfect. On His clock, the hands of my clock are pointed at 6:11. 6 is the number for man's weakness and 11 is the number for disorder and chaos. Which means, He's warning me that things are not as they seem. Sometimes when things look like it's the perfect time to move on something, it's really the enemy trying to ensnare you into a trap.


The contrary can also be true. The hands on God's clock are pointed to 7:12. 7 is the number for the foundation of God's word, completeness and perfection. 12 is the number for power, authority and completeness. However, on my clock His hands are pointed to 6:11. This illustrates all the times God has told me to move on something I was hesitant to start and I usually had a variety of reasons for my hesitation. I wouldn't think I had enough experience to do well. Or feel like I wasn't in a financial position to take the risks God was asking me to take.  And if I couldn't see the plan from beginning to end then I really wouldn't want to move on it, even if God had assured me that I would have who and what I needed by the time I got there. 


Though I am far from perfect, it has been my constant goal to hit the target of God's timing, represented by the red and white color palette. This journey is a constant navigation of God's timing which is why it's important to keep your ear close to God to know when to move and when to sit still.

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