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Internal Storm
November 5th, 2017

2017 was a war for my sanity. At the time I'd just began to walk into my purpose and my gifts of the Spirit. The introduction, let loose a hell I wasn't ready for. The enemy came after my mind with everything he had and drowned me in what felt like insanity. I prayed for God to save me. I fell to my knees, begging for  relief, yet I continued to be tormented. For 12 straight months, I was laid low, but I refused to leave God. I knew He was the only one who could save me from the Torment. That knowledge didn't stop me from being angry and giving God every piece of my mind for taking so long to come back and save me. Then one day, He looked at me and said, "I never left you. I have been here the entire time, holding your hand while the trials, needed to strengthen your mind, mold you into who I created you to be. These tests aren't about victory. They are about learning your enemy and the way He operates. You are not still here following me because you have Stockholm syndrome. You're still here because you know deep down, at the heart of these trials is purpose. And it takes a trial to pull the my purpose in you to the surface." So here we have my reminder to never let the pain of the trials, represented by the red, blind you to the truth. The purpose of the trial is to mold, strengthen and teach you wisdom about your true purpose. The greater truth? God won't always save you from what He wants you to learn from or about. He will, however, be standing right next to you through it and that is represented by the white between the red.

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