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Launching: Nov 20th

Introducing the Journey

All I wanted to know was why?

Why do I struggle with what I struggle with? Why do I like what I like? Why do I want what I want? Why can't I accept what I see in front of me? Why can't I ignore this notion that there's more behind what I see and more out there to be explored? The answer was simple.

I am Philosophy.

And I have questions.

My questions were not just about who I am, but why I am. The more I explored myself, the more I found that everything I did, from my art, to my poetry to my love of movies, was somehow tied to God. I repeatedly found myself asking how? How could God love this or that about me? More importantly, why would God love this or that about me, especially after I've spent much of my life being rejected for who and how I was. 

So now I have more questions, 

Because everything that God is showing me about his true character, and subsequently mine, is in direct conflict with what I had been taught by others. 

I am Philosophy is my journey & investigation into the true character of God through everyday life, such as my art, my books, my movies and anything else I have a natural affinity for. I want to know who God really is and by learning who he really is, I will discover who I really am.

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Launching: Nov 20th


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