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I have questions...

For as long as I can remember, I have proudly proclaimed, "I am who I am," in my certainty that I was a rebel against the rules of society. And then college came and went, and I discovered I wasn't a rebel. I was a runner, running from the traumas of my past and calling it strength. I ran from other people's expectations and called the result my truth. Now I look at "I am who I am" and wonder...but who's truth is that based on?

The answer? False expectations. My truth had been buried up under who I thought God wanted me to be based on what was taught to me by others. The more He untangled the hows and whys of his truth, using everyday life, the clearer my own identity became. But...I still have questions.

Welcome to my investigation into the psychological symmetry between myself and God, using the lens of my creative journey.


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