Candid Lifestyle 

Capturing the Lifestyle behind your business

The beating heart of our society lies within the story of the journey. Our culture is no longer impressed with the material. Instead craving the substance behind your creation, wanting to see and understand the soul of your profession.

That is where I come in. 

My job is to journey with you, documenting the ins and outs of your journey, unveiling the heart and hands of what you do from beginning to end.

Below is a window into my journey with Rodney Griffin's House of Ambrosia.


Where you go, I go, ready to document the candid moments of your journey

Catering to & networking at the 40 under 40 event


Capturing the you-nique moments of the events you host


Ambrosia Live: Pink Party

Additional Services



TCV can keep your catalogue current and fresh with a choice between Modeled Lifestyle Product shots


Simple and clean backdrop shots.

Your vision is mine to bring to life.


Personal or Business. Individual or Team. TCV has all your Portrait needs covered.


Choose Your Session


The "All in one" Session

For some entrepreneurs, time is a luxury. When you're busy, it can be difficult to find enough time to schedule all your individual photography needs. Don't worry. TCV has it covered.


The "All in one" Session, is a customized session to fit as many of your photography needs in one day or over the course of a few days. Candids, Events, Portraits & Products. We can knock it all out one time and save you the stresses of scheduling.

The Journey

For some entrepreneurs, time is a sea of moments waiting to be captured and shared with those following your story. Not only will we capture your story as it unfolds over time, but we'll make sure to cover the formal aspects as they arrive.


The Journey is not just one session, but as many as necessary to capture your story. Whether it be on a consistent month to month basis or as your moments arrive, TCV will capture the range of services you need.

Let's journey together!

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