Beauty in the Past

22x28 spray paint on canvas

The name of this piece came from the process I went through to create it. I used a simple rolling technique. I took a roller and rolled paint of different colors onto the canvas. The longer I rolled the paint, the more it caked up on the roller until dried paint chips started to come back off on the canvas. When I was finished with the painting, I realized our experiences are a lot like the paint chips. We often spend so much time resenting our past. We resent the father who wasn't there, the mother who was emotionally unstable, the friends who didn't stay, the broken promises, the rejection letters and so on. We always feel like if I had had this or if so and so had been there that we would've had a better life. And that may be true. However, people often make the mistake of looking at individual life events instead of looking at their life as a whole. If you were to take a step back and see how all the colors of your past, from the reds of pain to the golden flecks of triumph, come together as a whole, you start to see the beauty in your life as whole. Had you not had those struggles, you wouldn't be as strong as you are now. There is beauty in your past. You just have to take a step back and look at how its all coming together to shape a better future. 

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