12x14 spray paint on canvas

"Why" is based on the Matrix's concept of the red and blue pill. The red pill represents the raw and unpleasant truth about life. The blue pill represents blissful ignorance. So many of us are groomed to the blue pill. Even those of us who lived a life of trauma and abuse, who feel as though we know more about the harsh realities of life than anyone. Even we remain ignorant to the toughest truth of them all. The truth of self. The are hard "why's" we are all afraid to ask of ourselves. Why do you think the way you do? What is at the root of that anger? That rejection? That lust? That arrogance? That hole in your heart? It's not just your absentee father. It's not just your emotionally unavailable mother. It's not just the bullies at school. It's not just the favoritism of your siblings. It's not just the people who forgot you. So what is it really?

There are those of us who are brave enough to ask ourselves why? Then there are those of us who are even braver to ask God why? What He sees is often harder to swallow than the limited truth we see. Why is the most dangerous question you can ask. Why is the heart's declaration of War against the Mind. Bullets of rage want to fly, but all that flows from the wounds are the tears you weren't allowed to cry. The anesthetic of denial is forbidden in this war zone. Only truth can cleanse the wounds your parents ripped in your heart, but the burn deters you from wanting to go further. The truth cripples the facade you built for your mind. The strain and rigor of rehab eats at your will to continue. But it's too late. You asked why. You can't go back. You can't pretend you don't see the pain you weren't allowed to be in. Now you have to keep going. Now you have to survive the truth or it will destroy you. 

Why is the most dangerous question you can ask. The trenches of Why are deep. The battles of Why are bloody. Most of the friends you thought would soldier the truth with you won't have the heart to stand by you when the lies bleed out of you. They won't be able to handle your end because at the end is the beginning. The beginning of You. The real You. The You the enemy tried to shame. The You your environment tried to limit. The You your parents were in too much of their own pain to see. The You your envious friends discouraged. The You that you've always been curious about. The You that wasn't angry, wasn't hurting. The You with more than just potential. With more than just a past. The You with a future. The You with a freedom. The You with a luxury, with a Peace made whole from the pieces God found purpose in. 

So when I say Why is the most dangerous question you can ask......I mean Why is the greatest weapon you have.

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