April 3rd, 2018

One of the best ways to illustrate the duality between God's perspective and mine is through the duality of mazes and puzzle pieces. Mazes represent confusion. So often you run into one dead end after another. You do not know if you've been here before or if this is a new wall. It's easy to feel lost when you're trapped inside of a maze. Puzzles, on the other hand, give you a sense of direction. You know where you're going by the picture on the box. The colors, size and shape of the puzzle pieces help you know where to put it. It's much easier to see your progress when working on a puzzle than when you're in a maze.

Blocked represents my perspective vs God's perspective on Success. Here I am, in this pieces, feeling trapped. I'd branched out as an Artreprenuer and was met with failure every where I went. I went to several art shows and struggled to sell much of anything. At first, I thought it was because of me. Maybe my prices were too high. After all I had a customer tell me that she was the only sale I was going to make in her argument to get me to lower my prices below reasonable. So, I lowered my prices. Still, I struggled to sell even though my price points were just as competitive as the artists around me. I became even more discouraged when I found myself overlooked, often in the back of whatever show I was attending. I'd spent the first six months trying many different marketing and sales strategies. Nothing seemed to be working. Then one day I was at a gas station and I saw an 18 wheeler waiting to pull out onto a small street. God said, "You see that 18 wheeler? It's so big and carrying so much that it moves much slower than other cars. It can't pull out into traffic whenever it wants to. It has to wait until the perfect time to flow out into traffic. You are that 18 wheeler." 

It was then that I understand why I wasn't seeing much progress. Blue is the color of abundance and pending success. Up until that conversation, I'd always thought my inadequacy and/or the enemy was behind my lack of success, represented by the maze infused Blocked sign. But after that conversation, I started to realize that my success wasn't being blocked by my inadequacy or the enemy. It was being stalled by God, represented by the silver puzzle pieces. If you look close you can see His puzzles pieces, or the pieces of His plan are weaved into and around the Blocked sign, contributing to my inability to progress at the rate in which I felt like I should've been progressing. The puzzle pieces are a flat silver because God's plans were oblivious to me and I had a flat perspective of God having a plan at all. After that conversation, I realized that I needed to change my perspective. Instead of being mad about what isn't happening, I needed to start asking God why things are or are not happening. The answer to why I hadn't seen much progress at the time? I wasn't ready. I needed to hone my skills as an artist on both the technical and the business side. I needed to figure out who I was as an artist. Plus, I wasn't ready spiritually. God had to finish pruning me before I was ready to be let out in the world. Now that I'm on the other side of God's perfect stalling, I can honestly say, He was right. I'm better prepared for success now than I would've been had He set me free when I first started out.

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