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About TCV

Sanese Pippen, The Creative Vessel

If I were going to be honest, I've never been one for About me blurbs or pages. The writer in me is never quite sure where to start, and the dimensions of my personality, from the overachiever, to the creative, to the movie buff, is never quite sure what to highlight. Should I them about my ten plus years of experience? How my love for photography started with my friends, and our after school shenanigans, as we made our way to the Friday night football game? Maybe I could share my love and excitement for the game of photography, and how much I love the challenge of trying to catch the surprises of life at precisely the right moment. Maybe they'd be interested in the origins of TCV and how The Creative Vessel was born through my relationship with God, where I've gotten to experience the genius of his creative direction and enjoy living as the Vessel to his Visions.


Or maybe...Maybe I should tell them the truth. That I'm not a photographer. I'm an empath with a camera, who prides herself on encouraging anyone she comes in contact with, enjoys good conversation entirely too much, and uses her camera as a passport into new lives, places and adventures so she can marvel at the many colors and cultures of the world. 


And then I thought, you know what? I live to document the journey. What better what to share who I am, than to share it through a series of photos. So please enjoy a little glimpse into me, TCV, The Creative Vessel.

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