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"God is the Visionary. I am the Vessel."

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"Me vs God"

Perspective is everything! So often I have found myself frustrated with my life, where it's been and where it seemed to be going. I've often found myself lost in that frustration, unable to understand why stagnation seemed to follow me. That is until God shifted my eyes, showed me His perspective and taught me the wisdom behind the decisions and course corrections He was making. Suddenly life stopped feeling like it was happening to me and more like all that was happening was apart of a plan I could now see and understand. This series was created to symbolize the difference between my perspective on moments in my life versus God's perspective on these moments. 


Image by Michael Dziedzic-The Creative Vessel

Beyond the Canvas

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Some pieces are a reflection of myself. Some pieces are reflection of cultural mindsets. Some pieces are subtle. Some are boisterous. Every piece takes me on a different journey. Click below to get an in-depth look at the meaning behind some of my work.

am Philosophy

Welcome to the world behind my creativity. Here, I share my day to day experience with God as I investigate and get to know His true character through my creative process. Click below to experience the world I live in in and away from the canvas.

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