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"God is the Visionary. I am the Vessel."

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Misclockulated represents my perspective vs God's perspective on time. I've come to realize that God and I are rarely on the same page when it comes to the timing of a plan. When I want to move on a plan, He wants me to sit still and wait for Him to finish making the necessary preparations I can't see yet. When I want to sit still and wait for a better time to do something, He's adamant that it's the perfect time to move on the plan. This painting illustrates the duality between His timing and mine.The inner clock represents my timing and the outer clock represents God's timing. The inner clock is set to 5:10. 5 is the number of Gods grace and favor. 10 is the number of completeness of order. So, from my perspective, the stars are aligning. This job looks like the perfect opportunity....

Image by Michael Dziedzic-The Creative Vessel

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Some pieces are a reflection of myself. Some pieces are reflection of cultural mindsets. Some pieces are subtle. Some are boisterous. Every piece takes me on a different journey. Click below to get an in-depth look at the meaning behind some of my work.

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Welcome to the world behind my creativity. Here, I share behind the scenes stories of my creative process and all that it teaches me about myself. Click below to experience the world I live in in and away from the canvas.

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